Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Arunachal’s per capita income is Rs 39,679; 45% rise in 5 years

Arunachal Pradesh could be located in India’s Far East, but it has scored well in growing income level of its people. According to government statistics, the per capita income in Arunachal Pradesh was Rs 39,679 in 2009-10 against the All India average of Rs 33,731, registering a growth of 45% during the last five years (2004-5 and 2009-10).
The per capita income is the income per person in a population, and it’s often used to measure standard of living of a particular area. In fact, Arunchal Pradesh’s per capita income was Rs 27,271 in 2004-05 against the then All India average of Rs 24,143. That means per capita of Arunachal Pradesh has registered a 45% increase between 2004-05 and 2009-10.
According to the available data for 2009-10, the other two North East states that have a per capita income above the national average are Mizoram and Sikkim. The number of persons below the poverty line based on URP (Uniform Recall Period) consumption data is 2.03 lakh (2004-05) against 30.17 crore nationally.
So far as the approved Plan outlay, Arunachal Pradesh received Rs 11,185 crore in 11th Five Year Plan against 10th Plan outlay of Rs 4150 crore, according to data available with Planning Commission.

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